Harness the Power of Language

Rubinius is a platform for building programming languages.

Progress comes through processing and sharing information.

Millions of people use powerful computers every day, but only a small fraction control these information processing engines.

Our next leap forward depends on widespread ability to control computers to solve complex problems.

Where do we start?

I am a developer

I need to understand this app · I need to debug this code · I need to write code faster · I need my code to be secure · I need to scale this app · I need to improve my code · I need to break up this legacy app

I am a student

I'm new to programming. · I study at code school · I'm teaching myself to program · I'm changing careers · I study at a University · I need to understand this code · I can't easily see what this program does · I need to apply this new concept to this code

I am a business

I need reliability. · I need the app to scale · I need to build the app faster · I need better performance · I need to understand why the app fails · I need to build new features in an old app · I need to enhance this app

I am a researcher

I am building a new language · I am experimenting with a new architecture · I need concurrency · I am working with connected devices · I am transforming an old system

Learn · Experiment · Build

Rubinius aims to build a platform and tools that support developers to continue learning, students to build businesses, and businesses to research break-throughs. These roles reinforce one another, but they cannot be rigid or limiting.