The current Rubinius release is version 5.0. If you are filing an issue, please ensure you are running this version.

Installing Packages


Rubinius provides Docker images based on Ubuntu 15.10 and 14.04. The images are automatically built on Docker Hub and available at the Rubinius Docker organization. To use the Rubinius Docker image, follow these steps:

    your-shell$ docker pull rubinius/docker
    your-shell$ docker run -it rubinius/docker bash
  docker-shell# ruby -v

OS X Homebrew

Rubinius provides Homebrew binaries that should be compatible with 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and newer OS X releases. To install Rubinius on Homebrew, follow these steps:

  $ brew update
  $ brew tap rubinius/apps
  $ brew install rubinius


Rubinius builds binaries for Ubuntu for version 14.04. These binaries are built so that they can be used on Travis with RVM. They can also be manually expanded for use with chruby.

Other Unix/Linux

We highly recommend using ruby-install to build Rubinius instead of rbenv or RVM. ruby-install does a good job of making sure the prereqs are met, including getting a build ruby. See also Getting Rubinius.

We intend to eventually provide packages and binaries for other Unix/Linux systems. If you are interested in helping us get a Concourse CI build pipeline going, or in building binaries for a particular OS and sharing them, join us in the Rubinius Gitter channel. join chat .

Source Code

Source code tarballs are available for the following releases: