Contributing to Rubinius

Rubinius is committed to promoting the fair exchange of value among participants in the free and open-source software ecosystem. Business models and markets for funding work on open-source software are still young and evolving.

The opportunities presented here are merely some of the ways you can contribute to Rubinius. To explore these options further or suggest your own, please email


Become a Contributor

Join over 400 people who have contributed their time and expertise to building Rubinius. Whether you code, design, write, tutor, mentor, research, or dabble, there is an opportunity to add your mark to Rubinius.

Open source projects need diverse help but have difficulty attracting participation from people who don't view coding as their primary activity. Business, marketing, writing and communication, design, and teaching skills are valued highly. Even if you're unsure how you can help, but Rubinius sounds like an exciting project, let us know.


Employee Contributions

Many companies have discovered that providing employees with some time to pursue an interesting idea can pay big dividends or even spawn entirely new products.

If you sponsor your employee's work on open source projects and would like to contribute to Rubinius, tell us about it so we can give your company and employee the credit they deserve.

The Rubinius Book

The forms of communicating knowledge are expanding tremendously with the Internet and the rich digital media it enables. Even so, books remain one of the most effective ways to organize information for sharing.

The Rubinius book is an ambitious project to completely document the Rubinius platform, development approach, community social structure, problem solving, and experimentation with programming languages. Sponsoring Rubinius book content provides one of the highest returns in a virtuous circle of learning and building, and your sponsorship would receive prominent recognition in the book.

Academia and industry have different goals. Academia prioritize novelty. Since big ideas are few, this leads to specialization ond then compartmentalization. Business must be profitable to exist, so industry prioritizes working systems that generate revenue. These systems are rarely novel and tend quickly toward complexity.

The Rubinius book balances these opposed goals by documenting a complete, complex, working system, while encouraging focused, specialized learning or research.

Interns and Student Projects

Learning to code is becoming increasingly important, and not merely for a career in software development. As all professions use software more, and as software becomes more controllable through APIs (application programming interfaces), there is more opportunity or need to write code.

One of the focuses of Rubinius is learning about programming systems. It provides an excellent opportunity for an intern or student to gain practical experience with a complete industrial system like one they would encounter in a job versus only an academic research system. You can sponsor one of your interns to work on Rubinius or work with us to find a code school or university student to sponsor.


Specific Rubinius Projects

Rubinius is an extensive project composed of many components. We prioritize features based on what we know about how useful they can be. If there are features that would be particularly valuable to your business, let's discuss how you might fund focused work on those features. You agree that the work be contributed to Rubinius and your business would receive prominent recognition for the contribution in the Rubinius book.

Rubinius is pursing ambitious advances in the utility of programming languages and applications. Various components that significantly advance the Rubinius vision would benefit from funding.

Rubinius Projects

  • next-generation JIT framework

  • thread-local, isolatable memory heaps

  • object graph analysis tools

  • machine learning applied to program execution and evolution

  • advanced instruction set

  • interoperable type systems

  • program visualization


Support and Professional Services Contract

Wisely applying your scarcest resource, your employees' time, is essential for business success. Ensuring your employees have the support they need to do their best work is also critical.

Whether you are maintaining existing applications or have new product development planned, find out how a Rubinius support or professional services contract can help your business.

Architecture, Process, and System Migration

From monolithic application architectures to microservices, from legacy IT infrastructure to cloud, containers, and serverless compute, the pace of technology change is accelerating. Staying current is essential to staying competitive. Yet this constant march forward should not come at the significant cost of discarding investments that are still providing value. Applications and infrastructure should be evolving, not merely getting replaced.


Empowerment is fundamental to the Rubinius philosophy. Empowerment is providing the means to solve our own problems and, at the same time, working to replace structures that disempower.

Rubinius, Inc seeks cofounders from diverse and under-represented groups with experience in or deep dedication to learning business, marketing, teaching, partnerships, and technology.

VC Investment

The intersection of connected devices, machine learning and artificial intelligence, cloud infrastructure, and programming languages promise extensive changes in the way software is built and used. Conversational interfaces and autonomous will dominate.

Existing programming languages and methods of building software primtive, costly, and ill-suited to the present and future software requirements, which involve distribution, resilience, rapid change, and extensive context.