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Jak przetłumaczyć dokumentację

There are two translation tasks:

  1. updating an existing translation
  2. creating a completely new translation

Begin by reading How-To - Write Documentation

Updating an Existing Translation

To update an existing translation, open the topic file under web/doc/LANG and edit the existing text or add newly translated text.

Creating a New Translation

To create a new language translation:

  1. Copy web/doc/en to web/doc/LANG where LANG is the ISO-639-1 code for the language translation you are creating.
  2. Edit the links in the Table of Contents to point to the location of the files for the translation. (Note that for some reason the page.base_dir attribute is not available when these files are being rendered by Jekyll. This needs to be investigated.)
  3. Translate the English text to the target language.
: Jak napisać dokumentację : : Dodatek A - Słowniczek

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