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Rubiniusのデバッガが起動して呼び出しを埋め込むことによって、コードから呼び出すことができます。 デバッガ


class Toast
  attr_accessor :setting
  def initialize
    require 'rubinius/debugger'
    @setting = :brown



$ rbx app.rb

| Breakpoint: Toast#initialize at app.rb:5 (15)
| 5:     Rubinius::Debugger.start
debug> help
                help: Show information about debugger commands
       b, break, brk: Set a breakpoint at a point in a method
    tb, tbreak, tbrk: Set a temporary breakpoint
           d, delete: Delete a breakpoint
             n, next: Move to the next line or conditional branch
             s, step: Step into next method call or to next line
           ni, nexti: Move to the next bytecode instruction
            f, frame: Make a specific frame in the call stack the current frame
   c, cont, continue: Continue running the target thread
       bt, backtrace: Show the current call stack
             p, eval: Run code in the current context
    dis, disassemble: Show the bytecode for the current method
             i, info: Show information about things
                 set: Set a debugger config variable
                show: Display the value of a variable or variables
debug> bt
| Backtrace:
|    0 Toast#initialize at app.rb:5 (15)
|    1 main.__script__ at app.rb:11 (46)
|    2 Rubinius::CodeLoader#load_script(debug) at kernel/delta/codeloader.rb:67 (44)
|    3 Rubinius::CodeLoader.load_script(name) at kernel/delta/codeloader.rb:91 (40)
|    4 Rubinius::Loader#script at kernel/loader.rb:460 (79)
|    5 Rubinius::Loader#main at kernel/loader.rb:571 (64)
|    6 Rubinius::Loader.main at kernel/loader.rb:609 (33)
|    7 Object#__script__ at kernel/loader.rb:621 (60)
debug> n

| Breakpoint: Toast#initialize at app.rb:6 (16)
| 6:     @setting = :brown
debug> n

| Breakpoint: Toast#initialize at app.rb:7 (21)
| 7:     @kind = :rye
debug> p @setting = :light_brown
$d0 = :light_brown
debug> c

に示すように、デバッガのコマンドのヘルプはhelpコマンドを実行して入手される`ときに デバッガ。


Rubiniusのデバッガは、コマンドラインから呼び出すことができます紹介します デバッガがプロンプトを出すだけでコマンドで指定されたスクリプトをロードする前に、 行。


def problem_code
  puts "I have a problem"
  a = 1 + 2
  puts "a math problem" unless a == 4


To debug this code, start the debugger from the command line with the -Xdebug option.

$ rbx -Xdebug bug.rb

| Breakpoint: Rubinius::Loader#debugger at kernel/loader.rb:424 (34)
| 424:         Rubinius::Debugger.start
debug> b Object#problem_code:2
* Unable to find method 'problem_code' in Object
| Would you like to defer this breakpoint to later? [y/n] y
| Defered breakpoint created.
debug> c
| Resolved breakpoint for Object#problem_code
| Set breakpoint 2: bug.rb:2 (+0)

| Breakpoint: Object#problem_code at bug.rb:2 (0)
| 2:   puts "I have a problem"
debug> n
I have a problem

| Breakpoint: Object#problem_code at bug.rb:3 (9)
| 3:   a = 1 + 2
debug> n

| Breakpoint: Object#problem_code at bug.rb:4 (16)
| 4:   puts "a math problem" unless a == 4
debug> p a = 4
$d0 = 4
debug> n

| Breakpoint: main.__script__ at bug.rb:7 (17)
| 7: problem_code
debug> c

あなたは、デバッガの変更での値をp a = 4に実行すると、見ることができるように ローカル変数aとRubyのコードの実行に影響を与えます。

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