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The following are errors that you may encounter while building, installing, or running Rubinius along with suggested solutions.

For any error, a first step is to ensure you have a current, clean checkout of Rubinius. Before going further, consider running the following steps:

$ git checkout master
$ git reset --hard
$ git pull
$ rake distclean
$ rake

Rubinius is unable to find the runtime directory

After building or installing, the following error occurs when attempting to run Rubinius:

ERROR: unable to find runtime directory

Rubinius was configured to find the runtime directory at:


but that directory does not exist.

Set the environment variable RBX_RUNTIME to the location
of the directory with the compiled Rubinius kernel files.

You may have configured Rubinius for a different install
directory but you have not run 'rake install' yet.


If you configured Rubinius with a --prefix, run rake install.

If you configured Rubinius with a --prefix and renamed the install directory after installing Rubinius, re-configure Rubinius and reinstall it.

If you renamed the source directory after building Rubinius, re-configure and rebuild it.

In general, do not rename the build or install directory after building or installing Rubinius.

Rubinius segfaults when building on FreeBSD

On FreeBSD, including up to version 8.1 stable, there is an issue with execinfo that causes Rubinius to segfault when it loads.


Disable execinfo when configuring Rubinius:

./configure --without-execinfo

Fail to install rubinius with ruby-build

Sometimes, you may have some trouble using ruby-build to install Rubinius.


Please compile Rubinius yourself (ensuring that you have the required dependencies):

$ git clone https://github.com/rubinius/rubinius
$ cd rubinius
$ ./configure --prefix=/path/to/rubinius/location
$ rake install

You don’t have to specify the --prefix option. Just specify it if you want to put Rubinius into a specific directory. The best to do is to put Rubinius into a directory which is in your PATH.

: Running Rubinius : : Contributing

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