: Building : : Troubleshooting

Running Rubinius

Once you have followed the steps for building (and possibly installing) Rubinius, you can verify it is working:

rbx -v

Rubinius generally works like Ruby from the command-line. For example:

rbx -e 'puts "Hello!"'

To run a Ruby file named ‘code.rb’:

rbx code.rb

To run IRB:


If you added the Rubinius bin directory to your PATH, Rubinius should perform just as you would expect from MRI. There are commands for ruby, rake, gem, irb, ri, and rdoc.

You can add the Rubinius bin directory to your PATH only when you want to use Rubinius. This way, it will not interfere with your normally installed Ruby when you do not want to use Rubinius.

: Building : : Troubleshooting

Tweet at @rubinius on Twitter or email community@rubinius.com. Please report Rubinius issues to our issue tracker.