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The first stage in the compilation pipeline is the Ruby Parser. The Ruby parser receives either a String of code or a file and passes an AST to the next stage of the process, the generator.

The parser itself (called Melbourne) has a C part, which is essentially MRI’s parser, and a Ruby part, which is responsible for creating the Ruby AST. The C parser communicates with Ruby by calling a method for each node in the parse tree.

Each of these methods has a signature containing all of the information about the part of the parse tree it is processing. For instance, if the underlying Ruby code has an if statement, the C parser will call process_if with the line number, a parameter representing the condition, and parameters representing the body of the if statement and the else section, if any.

def process_if(line, cond, body, else_body)
  AST::If.new line, cond, body, else_body

You can see all of the possible process_ calls by taking a look at lib/melbourne/processor.rb in the Rubinius source code.

Note that in many cases, the parser passes the result of calling a previous process_ method as the arguments to a process_ method. In the case of true if 1, the parser first calls process_lit(line, 1) and process_true(line). It also calls process_nil(line), because the original parse tree contains a nil for the else body. It then calls process_if with the line number, the result of process_lit, the result of process_true, and the result of process_nil.

This process recursively builds up a tree structure, which Rubinius passes on to the next stage, the Generator stage.

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There are two ways to customize this stage of the compilation process. The easiest way to customize the creation of the AST is through AST Transforms.

You can also subclass the Melbourne processor and define your own handlers for the process_ methods. This is an advanced topic that is not yet documented.

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