Steve Klabnik Thinks Rubinius is Awesome

Steve Klabnik added support for require_relative to Rubinius. He documents his process and how much fun he had. We’re glad to hear that Steve thinks Rubinius is awesome. Making Rubinius awesome for rubyists has always been one of our core tenets.

Even if I didn’t have some code to look at, because Rubinius is just Ruby, it was really easy to dive in and check out the code, because it’s all Ruby. Seriously. Rubinius is just Ruby. Just Ruby. Ruby.

So dive in and add some features today! If having an awesome alternate Ruby implementation isn’t enough for you, the rbx team will bribe you with special stickers for committers, and sweet black-on-black tshirts for people with 10 commits or more!

Read all about it on his blog Literate Programming.

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