Retiring (Some) Rubinius Rewards

Bad News First

The General Availability shirts are retired. We gave out about 1,000 to people all over the world. That’s very awesome. We’re really happy with the excitement about Rubinius from you all. Thank you, again. But it’s time to move on from these shirts. If you’ve already got one, good on you. If you haven’t yet, sorry. There will be other chances in the future, though.

Likewise, the Square and Bumper Stickers have been retired, too.

Good News Next

The Diecut R stickers are still available. Just email us at if you want one. Committers stickers are still available too. If you committed to Rubinius before May 16, 2011 and haven’t received one of these, email us to get yours. The 2011 Q2 committers stickers are also available.

As promised, we have made a special t-shirt for people who have committed 10 or more times. They’re at the printer right now, so no pictures yet. Here’s a hint though: black on black.

We’ll continue to do free stuff in the future, but it will always be changing. Keep an eye on this blog for updates to what’s available.

One More Thing

Rubinius friend of the family, Heather Peterson (@hrrrthrrr) drew up some Rubinius sketches for us to use on upcoming t-shirts and stickers. As a little thing, we’re giving away her original artwork as prize.

Rubinius sketch by Heather Peterson (@hrrrthrrr) on Flickr Rubinius sketch by Heather Peterson (@hrrrthrrr) on Flickr

To enter, write a blog post about Rubinius and tweet at @rubinius with a link to your post by Wednesday, September 7, 2011 Midnight PDT. Posts will be judged by me (Shane Becker), Evan Phoenix and Brian Ford. The winner will be announced on Friday September 9, 2011. All entrants will be linked to from the Rubinius blog and @rubinius Twitter account.

Get blogging.


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