Rubinius - Now in The Third Dimension

A long time ago, Bookis Smuin crafted up a 3-dimensional representation of the little Rubinius r logo. It was used on the Rubinius website and as the avatar for the @Rubinius account. And for awhile, things were good.

Somewhere along the way, the original files were lost. That left us with only PNG that was 239px wide. That’s no good. To the Twitters!

I lazy tweeted asking for help re-building the logo in 3D based on the work that Bookis did. Lo and behold, I asked and the internet delivered.

The very smart and good looking Roger Bacardit (@ruxii) from Codegram in Barcelona, España stepped up to tackle the task. Lickity split, he cranked out two versions (white on black and black on white) at super mega huge resolution (~4000px square).

Like everything else we do, these logo files are very liberally licensed and available for download and reuse in the Rubinius Collateral repo over on GitHub.

Thank you, Bookis, for the original. Thank you, Roger, for the rebuild.


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