#rbxday In Real Life

UPDATE: We have added several locations since this post was first published. See the list below for all the current details. Also, stay tuned to the official rbxday.rubinius.com website for updates throughout #rbxday.

The first ever #rbxday is fast approaching on Friday, August 5th. Depending on your time zone, that is either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. To help you get prepared, here are a few updates.

Originally, the idea for #rbxday was a day that people all around the world could have fun experimenting with Ruby and Rubinius. Try your application or pet Ruby project on Rubinius, or pull out that idea you’ve been wanting to explore, code it up, and run it on Rubinius. We are not asking anyone to contribute to Rubinius, but we would be most flattered if you wanted to dig into the Rubinius code to see what’s going on under the hood. To sum up, the motto of the day is “Ruby, Rubinius, Fun Fun Fun Fun”.

Of course, a great way to multiply fun is to share it with others. Several people have taken the initiative of organizing meetups on #rbxday:

A huge thanks to everyone who has organized one of these events. They did so on their own initiative and show the true power of a community. If you’re near one of the events, please do attend. If not, there’s still time to organize one near you.

If you are joining #rbxday from the comfort of your own home, tweet about it, include pictures, and join us in the #rubinius IRC channel on freenode.net. We would love to hear from you.

A final thought about all the ways you can help Rubinius. You don’t have to contribute code directly to help. Each of these activities is just as valuable, and if you think of any I didn’t include, please let me know:

  • Wearing your Rubinius shirt
  • Talking to co-workers about Rubinius
  • Asking your company to sponsor some of your time contributing to Rubinius
  • Writing libraries in Ruby
  • Writing blog posts or books about Ruby technology, like fully-concurrent threads in JRuby and Rubinius 2.0
  • Talking to people about what you find painful in Ruby and how we may be able to improve those pain points
  • Testing your code on Rubinius and submitting bug/performance reports

Above all, please do have fun. That’s no gimmick. The world needs more fun.

Put a tag on it #rbxday.

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