Come hack in Amsterdam for #rbxday

Not only in the US is #rbxday celebrated, but we have also something in Amsterdam next Friday. It’s really becoming the International Rubinius Day that it was set out to be.

The guys are 80beans are sponsoring the event and have graciously offered their office as the place to hang out and are providing refreshments. The office is located on the Vijzelstraat 72 in Amsterdam and we’re starting at 3pm.

If you’re living in the neighborhood, please come and join us. As long term Rubinius contributor Dirkjan Bussink is coming over from the other side of the country, so don’t feel held back when you’re not living in Amsterdam itself.

So be prepared for an afternoon of very interesting hacking. We really want to make it a fun afternoon of experimenting with Rubinius, so anything goes! Please leave a message on the 80beans blog if you’re planning to come over:

Hopefully see you there!

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