Outright Hacks #rbxday

Hey Ruby bytecode fans! The first ever International Rubinius Day is next Friday, August 5th. Around the world people will be trying their code on Rubinius and generally having a fun time. Follow the activities on Twitter under the #rbxday tag and use that to let folks know what you’re up to. Stay tuned to the rbxday website for details as the day unfolds.

If you are located in, around, or within traveling distance of beautiful Mountain View, CA, the terrific folks at Outright.com are sponsoring a real live #rbxday event! Come hang out with a bunch of hardcore Ruby nerds, including Brian Ford (that’s me) from the Rubinius team. Plan to be inspired by all the great stuff people are working on. There will be mountains of top-shelf Rubinius schwag, as well as free beer and pizza. (Just don’t get too trashed as there will also be lightning talks and an IR helicopter obstacle course.)

The party will be from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Friday August 5th at Outright’s offices in downtown Mountain View. (They have an application that does some seriously awesome stuff with small business accounting.) There are plenty of desks, monitors and whiteboards available, so bring your laptop and be ready to jam.

Space is limited, and the coolest developers in the valley are already coming, so if you know your stuff and want to have fun, rsvp now!

See you there!

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