We’re having a party and you’re invited!


Friday, August 5, 2011 is #rbxday

The Rubinius 2.0 Preview Release is still cranking along. We’re feeling good about how things are going. As always, thank you everyone for all of your contributions. The list of authors on the 1.2.4 release is just fantastic.

Moving forward to the 2.0 official release, we need more feedback from you about your code running on Rubinius. Not just what doesn’t work and not just bugs (although both of those are important too), but how is your code performing, where are the bottlenecks, etc.

This is what we’re going to do about that. Everyone… everyone all around the world that uses or cares about Rubinius and its progress, all of us on one day are going to run our code, collect performance data / bug reports and send them up to the Rubinius project.

#rbxday is a party! Take pictures of you and your buddies on the day of. If you’ve got a Rubinius t-shirt or sticker, get them in there. Tweet about it, now and on the day. Get excited. Tell your friends. Get them excited. Use the hashtag #rbxday in your tweets, blog posts and posts. We’ll repost them all on the #rbxday site.

Make sure you’re looking your best in your photos because we’ll be picking a winner for our favorite #rbxday glamourshot. Tweet them using the hashtag #rbxday and we’ll announce the winning photo Monday, August 8, 2011 on the Engine Yard Facebook page. We’ll have a nifty prize for the winner too, so make sure your pic is goofy, sultry, or otherwise impressive. Bonus points for creativity.

Get your party hats on!


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