Rubinius Summit 062011 in Pictures

Once a month Evan Phoenix, Brian Ford and I (Shane Beccker) get together for a few days in-person face-time. Usually we meet up in San Francisco at the Engine Yard HQ and spend time with our dear and lovely boss, Dr Nic. We like to call these little get togethers Rubinius Summits. For the June 2011 Rubinius Summit, Brian came down to LA where both Evan and I live. We spent the week working together at The Farmhouse on moving the ball forward toward the 2.0 release. Here’s a few pictures of some of the things that went down.

I Used Rubinius at RailsConf 2011 stickers

"I Used Rubinius at RailsConf 2011" stickers at The Farmhouse in Hollywood, CA

These stickers arrived and are ready to be shipped out. If you DMed your address to us on Twitter, we’ve got you. If you never contacted us, but used Rubinius while at RailsConf 2011 in Baltimore, email us at to get your sticker.


Nearly 600 more @Rubinius shirts just arrived at the @farmhouse in Hollywood, CA

This is what nearly 600 shirts looks like. We’ve got a huge back log of people all over the world who responded to our offer of free Rubinius t-shirts. Those will all get shipped out over the next week or so.

Progress on 1.9 Support

Serious @rubinius big brain nerdery happening between @brixen and @evanphx at the @farmhouse in Hollywood, CA

Brian and Evan, like a couple of mad scientists, sketched out how to handle 1.9 block arguments for Rubinius 2.0.

A sketch of Ruby 1.9 block args in Rubinius 2.0 by @evanphx and @brixen at the @farmhouse in Hollywood, CA A sketch of Ruby 1.9 block args in Rubinius 2.0 by @evanphx and @brixen at the @farmhouse in Hollywood, CA

Here are the sketches of 1.9 block arguments for Rubinius 2.0.

One More Thing

We came up with an idea this week for how to better communicate outwardly and be more transparent. We built it up real quick and are launching it …really soon. Here’s a little teaser.

Rubinius teaser 1 Rubinius teaser 2


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