Rubinius T-Shirts and Stickers

Allow Myself to Introduce Myself

Hi. I’m Shane (@veganstraightedge / I’ll be helping out around here now. I was recently hired by Engine Yard to be their Open Source Cheerleader. (Yes, there will be costumes at some point.) My primary focus is Rubinius! Rubinius! Rubinius!

I have lots of big plans for helping get Rubinius used by more people in more places and how to have a better conversation with people who are using it. For now though, I tell you about just the first thing that I’ve done.


The First Ever Rubinius T-Shirt from RailsConf 2007

The First Ever Rubinius T-Shirt from RailsConf 2007

A long time ago (2007) in a city far, far away (Seattle, WA), Evan and I made the first batch of Rubinius t-shirts. There were about two dozen made and given to the handful of contributors at the time. This was at RailsConf in Portland, OR. Since then there hasn’t been anything made with the Rubinius logo on it.

Now is the time to rectify that. We’ve made two different t-shirts. Same messaging, slightly different design orientation. Both are the same colors: white on asphalt. They are available in an assortment of sizes from women’s small to unisex xx-large.

Use Ruby™ Rubinius T-Shirts from RailsConf 2011

Use Ruby™ Square Ruby T-Shirt from RailsConf 2011

Use Ruby™ Horizontal Ruby T-Shirt from RailsConf 2011

If you’re going to RailsConf 2011 in Baltimore, MD, stop by the Engine Yard booth to pick up a free Rubinius t-shirt. After RailsConf we’ll have ways to get one from us directly.


To go along with the t-shirts, we’re making a whole grip of Rubinius stickers. Most of which will also be available for free from the Engine Yard booth at RailsConf in Baltimore. Again, after RailsConf you’ll be able to get them directly from us. More on that later. Here’s what we have in store.

Wide Screen (7in x 3.75in)

Rubinius : Use Ruby bumper sticker

Rubinius : Use Ruby square sticker

Rubinius : r logo diecut sticker

I’m Committed Merit Sticker

This one you have to earn. At the end of each quarter, we’ll send out a little one inch square sticker with a year/quarter combination in its corner to everyone who committed something to Rubinius during that calendar quarter. For all of the incredible folks who’ve contributed something (however big or small) already, you’ll get a special sticker. Instead of a date, there’s an asterisk. Only those of you that’ve committed so far will get that one.

Rubinius : I'm committed past committers sticker

Come find us to get free Rubinius shirts and stickers. And stay tuned to the Rubinius blog and to the Twitter account : @rubinius. We have lots more in store.

— Use Ruby™

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